Mr. Lif's Tape Battles

Welcome to MR. LIF'S TAPE BATTLES...

In the immortal words of my boy Paten Locke, "I grew up on tapes"!!!!

Lately, I've enjoyed a renaissance in which I've been listening to music exclusively on cassettes. This has reconnected me to those special moments that occured when I first was falling in love with hip hop. 

As long as I've been a fan of the genre, people have always battled: debating about which MC is the best in the game, which album is better than the other, etc. In continuing that tradition, I've created a tournament in which classic albums are pitted against each other, and YOU - the lovers of this music and culture - decide which will proceed to the next round. 

Join this quest to crown hip hop's best! Cast your votes below...

- Mr. Lif

Season 2 | Finals

Photo by megalomandee

Photo by megalomandee

Tape Battles Season 2 Finals: It comes down to this! The winners of each of Season 2's battles will fight for the final win.

Eric B. & Rakim Paid In FullEPMD Strictly Business, and NAS Illmatic dueling for supremacy. The winner will face GZA Liquid Swords next week in a title bout as the official end of Season 2.

Now in your opinion, which album is the best out of these 3?

Winner: nas illmatic